Welcome to eZee Foodie!

Welcome to eZee Foodie

Welcome to a world of simplicity in online food ordering. Whether you are a restaurant owner or a customer interested in placing a home delivery order, eZee Foodie will make life easier for you. No more misplaced food orders, no more delays, and definitely no cancellations or losses. With eZee Foodie, all you get is peace of mind.

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At eZee Technosys we always insist our clients to go through product demonstration before they buy the system.

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Coming Soon A Free Digital Restaurant Menu for Smart Phones and Tablets...

Why eZee Foodie?
eZee Foodie is a must have for you if you:

  • Have a restaurant with a website but no system of online food ordering through that website
  • Are paying for a third-party food ordering system for getting online food orders
  • See different designs for your website and the online food ordering system webpage
  • Have multiple restaurants but lack a centralized online food ordering system for handling all properties individually
Why eZee Foodie?